Yamas are similar to ethics as espoused by most philosophies and religions. They focus on an individuals interaction with the world around them. Every step we take in yoga is to quiet the mind and this limb relates to how we can best conduct ourselves in life to have a non-disturbed, peaceful mind.

  1. Ahimsa = Non Violence in feelings, thoughts, words or actions. Having compassion for yourself and others - being kind towards all things. Non harming of any living beings.
  2. Satya = Truthfulness with yourself and others in feelings, thoughts, words and actions. Being honest. Non falsehood.
  3. Asteya = Non Stealing
  4. Brahmacharya = Continence - Using life force for dharma rather than frivolous pleasures. Sexual restraint.
  5. Aparigraha = Not Coveting what is not ours. Non possessiveness.

 The 5 yamas by Patanjali

10 yamas from the Upanishads

  1. Ahimsa = Nonviolence
  2. Satya = truthfulness
  3. Asteya = not stealing
  4. Brahmacharya = chastity, marital fidelity or sexual restraint
  5. Ksama = forgiveness
  6. Dhrti = fortitude
  7. Daya = compassion
  8. Arjava =  non-hypocrisy, sincerity
  9. Mitahara =  measured diet
  10. Śauca = purity, cleanliness

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