Vichara - inquiry

Adi Shankaracharya has shown us a 15 fold path that combines Raja and Jnana Yoga (yoga of knowledge). This method is based on inner meditation and self realization leading to the realization of non-duality. Through deep meditation and inquiry (vichara), knowledge is gained. 

1. Yama - self control, control of the senses

2. Niyama - restraint and acknowledgement of commonality

3. Tyaga - renunciation to ascertain pure consciousness

4. Mauna (non-speaking) - to dwell beyond speech and mind

5. Desha (place) - dwelling in the space beyond ego

6. Kala (time) - abiding in the eternal

7. Asana - dwelling in contemplation of supreme reality

8. Mulabandha - restraint of mind holding to root of all existence

9. Dehasamyam (balance of body) - merging into the Supreme

10. Dristi (gaze) - seeing everything as Supreme

11. Pranayama (breath control) -

12. Pratyahara Seeing your state of self in all objects of the senses

13. Dharana - Seeing divine reality wherever the mind goes

15. Atma-Dhyana - meditation on supreme self

16. Samadhi - merging the mind in the depths of pure consciousness

Fifteenfold Raja Yoga

by Adi Shankaracharya

Yama - Self control. Indriya Samyama is control of the senses and is achieved through knowledge that all is Brahman(God).

Niyama - Restraint. This is accomplished by the knowledge that all consciousness has commonality and oneness. 

Tyaga - ascertaining the pure consciousness behind the form of the outer world.

Mauna - dwelling in the reality beyond speech and mind - beyond all words.

Desha -place - dwelling in the all pervasive space that is beyond the ego.

Kala - time -living in the eternal

Asana - Siddhasana - devine essence

Nididhyasa is a meditative inquiry done with continual practice (nitya abhyasa). With knowledge of non-duality (advaita), listening (shravana) and contemplation (manana) one follows the fifteen fold path with continual practice. Control of the mind is through detachment and discrimination and the unity of pure consciousness.

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