Cleansing and purification of the body is essential to begin the process of healing yourself.  Toxins are pervasive throughout our water, food, and the environment in general. It's no wonder that disease is epidemic. The first step is to  eat only organic food and drink / cook with pure spring water that doesn't come in plastic bottles or prepare water yourself with a home reverse osmosis system, then add minerals to it. Absolutely no processed food or food like materials should be ingested. You would not put bad gas into your car and expect it to run well, would you? GMO's are known to alter your gut flora (microbiome) which are responsible for digestion. There are many pesticides that are not going to be conducive for optimum health.  Fluoride in municipal water supplies will calcify your pineal gland and is a neurotoxin.  Do not use a microwave oven. As Hippocrates famously said -"Let food be your medicine". Eat food that is as alive and pure as possible. 

     There are six main purification techniques as described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Dhauti (stomach cleansing), Bhasti (bowel cleansing), Neti (nasal cleansing), Trataka (gazing without blinking), Nauli (churning abdominal muscles to improve organ function and aid in digestive disorders), and Kapalabhati (lung cleansing). These ancient techniques should only be performed under direction of a guru.   

     When beginning your journey to liberation, the most important consideration is to eat nourishing food, hydrate, and sweat to remove toxins from your system while replenishing your body with proper nutrients and fluids. Your body is an incredible system which is self- regulating and is capable of healing itself with proper care. Food contains genetic information and has the ability to profoundly alter gene expression. The exosomes found in all the food we eat play an important role in regulating our gene expression.  Your microbiome is a vast library of information. It is capable of producing hundreds of enzymes, and as such, it is imperative to keep it healthy by not exposing it to deadly toxins. Antibiotics are just as they say - anti (against) biotics (altering and killing the probiotics within your digestive system). Water has memory and can store and transmit genetic information. It has its own information and energy and carries genetic and epigenetic information to determine the structure of biochemicals and biopolymers. Water from natural springs that is alive and healthy is hard to source. Options are to drink spring water bottled in glass or make your own water with a reverse osmosis system and add minerals to it.


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