There are 72,000 nadis (energy channels) of which14 are principle nadis and three that are the most significant.

  1. Ida is the left channel that originates in the muladhara and ends in the left nostril, is feminine and represents the moon.
  2. Pingala is the right channel also starting in the muladhara ending in the right nostril, is masculine and represents the sun.
  3. Sushumna is the center channel and originates just below the muladhara, and meets the ida and pingala nadis in whats called the yukta triveni (yukta = combined, tri = three and venti = stream). The kundalini is shown as a serpent coiled three an a half times around the central axis at the base of the spine. When the energy becomes unblocked and rises up through each chakra, the three nadis meet again in the ajna chakra in whats called the moksha triveni. From there the energy continues its ascent through the sushumna to the crown chakra. This is the true yoga, the yoking to the cosmic consciousness. 

1. Sushumna
2. Ida
3. Pingala
4. Gandhari
5. Hastajihva
6. Kuhu
7. Saraswati

8. Pusha
9. Sankhini
10. Payasvini
11. Varuni
12. Alambusha
13. Vishvodhara
14. Yasasvini

14 Principle Nadis

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