Asana is a Sanskrit word which means "sitting down" and was originally used by Patanjali to denote a posture in which one would meditate. These sitting postures will be described in detail along with pranayama techniques to be used once you have prepared yourself with ashtanga vinyasa yoga utilizing the tristana method. We are therefor using the term asana in a different context with which to reference postures denoted within the system of ashtanga vinyasa yoga as originated by Sri Krishnamacharya and popularized by Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois, all of Mysore India. This will be supplemented with Yin Yoga postures to work on the connective tissue (tendons, fascia, ligaments) and energy meridians (nadi) as popularized by Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Jo Phee.

Asana - ashtanga yoga

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Padangushtasana: Dissolves lower abdomen fat and purifies the nerve plexus in the anal region.

Padahastasana: Purification of the anal canal, kidneys and lower abdomen.

Utthita Trikonasana: Dissolves waist fat, expands the breathing channel and strengthens the spine.

Utthita Parshvakonasana: Purifies the ribs and lower abdomen, dissolves waist fat.

Parsarita Padottanasana: Purifies the anal canal, upper spine and waist, dissolves abdominal fat.

Parshvottanasana: Loosens hips, male sex organ health, purifies and strengthens the spine, waist, hips and abdomen.

Ardha Baddha Padmottasana: Purification of the rectum, esophagus and liver.

Utkatasana: Strengthens and slims the waist

Virabhadrasana: Purification of joints, spine, abdomen and sex organs.

Paschimattasana: Dissolves waist fat and strengthens digestive system.

Purvatanasana: Purification and strengthening of the heart, anus, spine and waist.

Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimattanasana: Alleviates enlarged liver, and spleen. Cures abdominal distention.

Tiriangmukhaikapda Paschimattanasana: Helps reduce water retention, swollen thighs and legs, piles and sciatica.

Janu Shirshasana: strengthens the nadis governing the liver and pancreas.

Marichyasana: Purifies the large intestine and gall bladder

Navasana: Purifies the anal channel, spine, ribs and lower abdomen.

Bhujapidasana: Strengthens shoulders and arms, purifies esophagus.

Kurmasana: Purifies the kanda (nerve plexus) in the region from which all 72000 nadis grow. Purifies the heart and lungs. Strengthens chest and spine.

Garbha Pindasana:  Strengthens liver and spleen. Purifies the manipura chakra.


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